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Fence Pipe and Tube - Hot Dipped Galvanized

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FS tube is a hi-strength, light wall product that was designed for the awning and canopy industry and can be used in load-bearing applications. The steel strip used in the manufacture of this product shall conform to ASTM A-569 for 1008-1010 Carbon Steel and ASTM-A-568 for 1015 through 1022 Carbon Steel. This material is protected with a special coating Gatorshield®, a product of Allied Tube and Conduit. Gatorshield is Allied’s unique triple-coated galvanized steel tubing which has proven to be the best product choice for outdoor structures versus all competitive product offerings. Allied’s Flo-Coat® process is the superior method of galvanizing steel tubing. It begins with flat strip steel, which is then cold-formed and electric-resistance or induction welded. After welding, the tube receives a triple layer of protection – zinc, conversion coating, and a clear organic topcoat – all applied in-line to assure uniform coating. The result is a smooth, shiny end product appearance that is unmatched in terms of strength and durability. This product can be substituted for fence pipe and standard pipe.

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Item #


Wall Thickness

Weight Per Ft.


FPT-1x1 3/8x0.055 N/A 0.055 in 0.74 lb 91 pcs/bdl
FPT-1x1 3/8x0.065 N/A 0.065 in 0.87 lb 91 pcs/bdl
FPT-1x1 3/8x0.079 N/A 0.079 in 1.05 lb 91 pcs/bdl
FPT-1x1 3/8x0.104 N/A 0.104 in 1.35 lb 91 pcs/bdl
FPT-1x1 3/8x0.133 Sch 40 0.133 in 1.68 lb 60 pcs/bdl
FPT-1 1/4x1 5/8x0.065 N/A 0.065 in 1.11 lb 61 pcs/bdl
FPT-1 1/4x1 5/8x0.079 N/A 0.079 in 1.34 lb 61 pcs/bdl
FPT-1 1/4x1 5/8x0.104 N/A 0.104 in 1.730 lb 61 pcs/bdl
FPT-1 1/4x1 5/8x0.140 Sch 40 0.140 in 2.27 lb 42 pcs/bdl
FPT-1 1/2x2x0.065 N/A 0.065 in 1.270 lb 61 pcs/bdl
FPT-1 1/2x2x0.079 N/A 0.079 in 1.54 lb 61 pcs/bdl
FPT-1 1/2x2x0.092 N/A 0.092 in 1.78 lb 61 pcs/bdl
FPT-1 1/2x2x0.104 N/A 0.104 in 2.00 lb 61 pcs/bdl
FPT-1 1/2x2x0.116 N/A 0.116 in 2.22 lb 61 pcs/bdl
FPT-1 1/2x2x0.145 Sch 40 0.145 in 2.72 lb 36 pcs/bdl
FPT-2x2 1/2x0.065 N/A 0.065 in 1.60 lb 37 pcs/bdl
FPT-2x2 1/2x0.079 N/A 0.079 in 1.940 lb 37 pcs/bdl
FPT-2x2 1/2x0.092 N/A 0.092 in 2.24 lb 37 pcs/bdl
FPT-2x2 1/2x0.116 N/A 0.116 in 2.80 lb 37 pcs/bdl
FPT-2x2 1/2x0.154 Sch 40 0.154 in 3.65 lb 26 pcs/bdl
FPT-2x2 1/2x0.116 N/A 0.116 in 3.42 lb 19 pcs/bdl
FPT-2x2 1/2x0.128 N/A 0.128 in 3.76 lb 19 pcs/bdl
FPT-2x2 1/2x0.203 Sch 40 0.203 in 5.79 lb 18 pcs/bdl
FPT-3x3 1/2x0.216 Sch 40 0.216 in 7.58 lb 14 pcs/bdl
FPT-3 1/2x4x0.145 N/A 0.145 in 5.93 lb 12 pcs/bdl
  Results 1 - 25 of 31 1 2 

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