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Highway Guard Rail

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Guard Rail-Standard Specifications
  1. The Guard Rail element shall be made from new billet, open hearth, basic oxygen, or electric furnace steel. Guard Rail shall conform to AASHTO M-180. Posts shall conform to ASTM A-36. The minimum yield point of the steel used in the beam and terminals shall be 50,000 PSI and 12% in 2" gage length respectively.
  2. Guard Rail and Posts shall be galvanized after fabrication to ASTM A-123, AASHTO M- 111. or New York State M-19 Type I and shall have at least 2-oz. per square foot of spelter, total for both sides. When material is specified galvanized before fabrication, galvanizing shall conform to ASTM A-525, 4-oz. coating, or A-93, 2-1/2-oz. coating. Bolts shall be galvanized to ASTM A-153, AASHTO M-111, or M-19 Type 11.
  3. Bolts shall have a round, flat head and special shoulder and shall conform to ASTM A- 307.Washers shall not be furnished for steel on steel applications unless specified.
  4. Material not galvanized shall be furnished with one shop-coat of a fast-drying, rust inhibiting primer.
  5. MAYARI-R - All material can be furnished in Mayari-R Grade R-50.
  6. Special Posts, Base Plates, and Anchor Bolts are furnished to your specifications. If you do not see the type of construction you require in this brochure, ask our Sales Department to furnish additional literature.

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HGR-12x12.5RAIL Rail 50 pcs/bundle 12 Ga x 12’6"
HGR-10x12.5RAIL Rail 50 pcs/bundle 10 Ga x 12’6"
HGR-12x12.5RADIUS Radius 50 pcs/bundle 12 Ga x 12’6"
HGR-12x12.5CARTEN Corten Rail 50 pcs/bundle 12 Ga x 12’6"
HGR-10x12.5RUB Rub Rail 50 pcs/bundle 10 Ga x 12’6"
HGR-S-2x5.25 Post 50 pcs/bundle S-3 x 5’ 3"
HGR-W6x9x5 Post 50 pcs/bundle W6 x 9# x 5’
HGR-W6x9x6 Post 50 pcs/bundle W6 x 9# x 6’
HGR-14 Offset Block 50 pcs/bundle 14"
HGR-12FLARED Flared End 10 pcs/bundle 12 Ga
HGR-12SMALL Small 10 pcs/bundle 12 Ga
HGR-12DOUBLE Double Buffer N/A 12 Ga
HGR-12BACKUP Back Up Plate N/A 12 Ga
HGR-10BRIDGESHOE Bridge Shoe N/A 10 Ga
HGR-5/8x1-1/4 Splice Bolt 1000 pcs/keg 5/8" x 1 1/4"
HGR-5/8x2 Post Bolt 800 pcs/keg 5/8" x 2"
HGR-5/8x1-1/2 Hex Bolt 1000 pcs/keg 5/8" x 1 1/2"
HGR-5/8x4-1/2 Post Bolt 200 pcs/keg 5/8" x 4 1/2"
HGR-5/16x1-3/4 Hex Bolt N/A 5/16" x 1 3/4"
HGR-5/8DRIVE Drive Nut 1000 pcs/keg 5/8"
HGR-5/8HEX Hex Nut 1000 pcs/keg 5/8"
HGR-5/8ROUND Round Washer N/A 5/8"
HGR-3 Rectangular Washer 700 pcs/keg 3"
  Results 1 - 23 of 23 1 

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